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Travel Jacket’s Theology

Modern technologies are changing your lives fast and in the last years almost everything became high tech. Today clothing integrates new technologies when it comes to the materials used and also because the manufacturers know that we love our gadgets special compartments were created.

The new technologies make our clothes warmer, wind and dirt resistant, lighter and more practical.

For example the guys from Global Travel Clothing are specialized in creating cool travel jackets which have a lot of useful features for the one who travel a lot.

They know that when we travel we usually need to keep handy all sorts of devices and products therefore their jackets feature enough pockets to keep all the things you need in an accessible position. Parents love these kind of smart jackets because they are handy for families with children (wallet, wipes, diapers, a bottle,  and toys can be put in the pockets and accessed when needed).


Images source globaltravelclothing.com

The modern jacket’s pockets are large enough to place gadgets into them but these are also designed to keep your things secured. Each pocket features a Velcro or a zipper which gives you easy access and keep the things you placed in safe

What is most importantly is the fact that the manufacturers understood that we need our hands free while traveling and modern jackets fulfill that need.

I will give you an example. I want a new jacket to keep me warm and to allow me to use my hands. This means to feature a lot of pockets and compartments to allow me to carry all my gadgets and access them fast.


Although this jacket may seem ordinary it has a lot of useful compartments:

  • zippered chest pocket for easy access which is perfect for perfect for medium to smaller items
  • left arm pocket suited for smaller quick-access items
  • Velcro hidden pocket perfect for wallet or passport
  • elastic bottle strap which make it easy to hold water bottles
  • large pockets to keep even a tablet near you

In conclusion: technology is changing everything including our clothes.






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