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Tread carefully with your SEO

If your speciality is running your own business in which you have expertise, you probably already know about the value of specialisation. Trusting the experts in any particular field – people with whom you have a trusted and honest relationship whether suppliers or employees – has long been a central tenet of business success. But that word “trusted” finds a lot of enterprises out to their cost – and the same is true when it comes to online marketing.

You don’t have to be an expert, however, to understand that Google rankings come pretty close to being the be all and end all for any enterprise needing to gain a foothold online. Google is responsible for 90% of all the world’s online searches and an incredible 33% of all click-throughs are achieved by the top ranking, according to Search Engine Watch.


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Consider, too, that what Google aims to do is understand what you’re looking for and give you what you’re after. In other words, it aims to deliver to those people searching the best results it can – authoritatively and accurately.

So if you’re trying to build a brand presence online and you don’t have true in-depth digital marketing expertise, then search engine optimization (SEO) is something best left to the experts. This has always been true, but is even more essential following the Google Penguin algorithm update which sought to reduce the incidence of poor quality and/or “spam” results following searches. Following Penguin, Google has the power to manually or automatically punish sites trying to get up its rankings through the use of poor quality links, for example. So, misplaced or misdirected SEO efforts can actually have a deleterious effect. In short, you need to tread carefully.

A resourceful article on link building and SEO which took a detailed look at the integrity of link-building concluded that back-linking remains an important signal for Google’s algorithms for the foreseeable future but also (and absolutely vitally…) that the algorithms are now far more demanding than ever before. So, the whole issue of link-building now needs to be approached very differently.


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In short, this is now about true quality and the complete avoidance of the opposite – the creation of genuinely authoritative and informational links which are earned through the organisation of interesting and exciting events. This therefore calls for the creation of good quality content which allows the influencers online to interact with your digital assets. As an entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily need to understand the whys and wherefores of this. But you do need to understand that quality online is now king in ways that weren’t necessarily the case before Google’s Penguin and other more recent updates.

So if you’re trusting your search engine optimization to employees and/or an agency, you have to be sure that they’re able to fully explain to you what they understand about link-building techniques. This is more important than it has ever been. If Google continue down the same road of honing, ever more, their primary objective of providing authoritative and accurate information (and why wouldn’t they?) then the need to tread very carefully with your SEO is only likely to become more important.

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