TT8 – The Best Wooden Multi-Functional Turntable

Enjoy all your vinyl records AND online playlists: Minfort’s TT8 wooden turntable is the perfect mix of retro and modern. It’s all about vinyl, sound and lifestyle.
The resurgence of music on vinyl is happening, and you definitely don’t wanna miss out on TT8, a new series of turntable in retro wooden style. The TT8 turntable integrates retro aesthetics and multi-functional amplifier together in one minimalist turntable, bringing the elegance of wood and pure sound quality not only to vinyl listeners, but to all music lovers, because wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or WiFi is included. We want to assure that even without a Vinyl record, you can easily stream your favorite music to TT8 from various devices.
By hooking TT8 up to the separated, exclusive 2.1 channel stereo speakers, you are ready to enjoy home theater experiences. Aluminum cast platter insures a smooth rotation. Auto stop and auto return professional S shaped metal Tone-arm for easy use. Joined solid wood is the key to the exterior design of TT8 and the exclusive 2.1 channel speakers. More than just a single pattern, multiple wood panels of 2-3 cm width create visual effects of layers. Additionally, our tweeter is coupled to a horn structure, adding dimensions to the outer design.
TT8 won 2017 Golden Pin Design a group of music-loving friends who made it their mission to develop a speaker that could deliver a sound so natural and pure that audiences would immediately be immersed in an environment as atmospheric as nature.If you want one, you can get it by supporting this project on Kickstarter.
By Mark Christophor

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