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Tube Map Wallet

Tube Map Wallet

The London Underground is one of the world’s great labyrinths, and no matter how long you’ve lived in the big smoke, it’s quite a task to negotiate. This beautifully made leather wallet folds out to reveal that icon of the 20th century, the tube map (brain child of Harry Beck back in 1931), enabling you to navigate the network with ease. After all, no Londoner would be seen dead looking at a tube map on the walls of the underground, because then – heaven forbid – you’d look like a tourist. Flip out your wallet, take a cheeky look at the map and you’re sorted, with your self-respect intact.

You can have this for £34.95 – Approx USD $62.91 / €51.73

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  1. I’m heading to London in a few months time so something like this will definitely come in handy. It’s quite pricey at £34.95 though.

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