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TV B Gone

There are a few reasons you might want to buy a TV B GONE device. Maybe the soaps are preferable to reports from your terrible day…maybe the TV B GONE will deliver sweet revenge for loosing possession of the remote control…or maybe just to bask in the subsequent confusion when the telly your family is centred around goes black! Simply press the button and it will switch off 99% of televisions and virtually anything with an infrared port. There is 400+ “off” sequences preprogrammed and it will keep scanning until it finds the off button. The fun is endless! Imagine you’re at the pub, a penalty is about to be taken…you press the button…the TV switches off. Not that we would recommend this! Reviews: BBC NEWS “Like x-ray specs, the invisibility suit or the ever-lasting doughnut, it sounds to good to be true. The device runs through some 209 infrared codes which control more than 1000 models of TV, and ought to disable most sets within 17 seconds. ” GUARDIAN “If you regularly call on friends or family to find them slumped semi-comatose in front of Trisha, or have ever found yourself viewing anything involving Vernon Kay, then you may well be in need of a TV B GONE” THE INDEPENDENT “A new key chain gadget that lets people turn off most TV’s – anywhere from airports to restaurants – is selling in the US faster than it would take most people to surf channels.”

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