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Two Player Laser Attack

Two Player Laser Attack

Forget paintball (painful and messy), when it comes to running around being stupid, there’s no better pastime than zapping the heck out of each other with Laser Attack. This two player set allows two delinquents to hurtle around the place firing at each other, complete with spacey sound effects.

Each player wears a S.W.A.T team-like head piece which when hit, vibrates and the lights flash, to let you know in no uncertain terms that your opponent has scored a hit. You have five lives and can withstand ten hits and then you’re a gonner. The guns will fire ten times before they need to be cocked and re-loaded (complete with electronic cocking sounds), and come complete with detachable light pointers that can also be attached to the headsets.

We initially thought this was ideal for kids, until that is the marketing department got their hands on it, and they’re proving very difficult to catch – perhaps because they’re still not out of shorts.

You can have this for £39.95 – Approx USD $71.91 / €59.13

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