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Understanding Drone Technology and how it is Changing the Future

Drones are a hot technology that is attracting attention everywhere from government to business and hobbyist use. They are rapidly increasing in their capabilities while decreasing in price. That is why so many new applications for drones are popping up. Big companies like Amazon want to use drones for deliveries. Movie studios mount cameras on drones for sweeping aerial shots. The government has been using drones in the military for a long time, but they are constantly expanding the role of drones. And though they were once too pricey for all but the most dedicated, drones are now in reach of private individuals, who are using them for everything from dusting crops with fertilizer to flying them around for fun.

Understanding Drone Technology and How it is Changing the Future

The most recent evolution in drone technology has been the rise of the quadcopter design. Quadcopters mount four propellers in a diamond formation, giving the craft power, stability, and maneuverability. Quadcopter drones can take off and land quickly and easily without needing a runway. It’s also simple to put a payload in the middle of the craft, like a camera, where it will be naturally balanced and won’t disturb the flight pattern of the machine. Most new drones from sellers like Drones ETC are quadcopters now, although there are other designs that remain popular depending on the buyer.

Flying for Fun
Some people fly drones just for fun. They are essentially the next step in model aircraft, with better motors and abilities than the older model planes. Plus, the possibility of adding a camera means that it’s easy to create very cool videos and clips from a hobby flight. Cheap, powerful drones mean that it is easy for people to get into flying without a huge investment. On top of that, many drones are specifically made for new pilots. For example, while dedicated hobbyists have their own transmitters and similar equipment, starter kits give you everything you need to fly in one package. Micro drones are easier to control and work well as a very inexpensive first step.

The Future of Drones
Drone technology shows no signs of ceasing its upward trend. Impatient with American regulators, Amazon has begun wide-scale testing of drones in Canada. With the weight of big business invested in building better drones, this is an exciting time for people interested in them, whether it is for fun or to see how they will change the world.

By Lizzie Weakley

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