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Underwater DigiCam

Underwater DigiCam

Well how technology has leapt forward, an Underwater Digital Camera with a video recording mode for under £45.

Well it’s true, waterproof to 3 metres with a built-in flash and auto-white balance (two things you really need underwater), it has a seeringly simple point and click two button operation and floats like a mad thing – so you’ll never loose it to the deep.

With 8MB of on-board memory and a 350,000 pixel VGA CMOS sensor, it will shoot up to 312 compressed images or 26 640×480 uncompressed. Images are stored as jpegs and movies as bmps, it has a self-timer, will operate as a webcam, has an LCD display and is compatible with PCs only. For not much more than a throw-away underwater camera (and a lot more environmentally friendly) you can use this entry-level aquatic digital snapper again and again, capturing all you sub-surface frolics and fish.

You can have this for ?44.95 – Approx USD $80.91 / €66.53

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  1. I like the digital camera cases that simply enclose your current digital cameras in a waterproof case. I have a case for my Cancon, similar to this. Plus with an enclosure you can use your current higher-quality digital camera :S

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