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USB Ashtray will make smokers happy


The USB Ashtray is made to draw the unpleasant cigar smoke.

The USB Ashtray draws smoke from a room using of a powerful motor. The smoke is filtered inside the ashtray and the new purified air is released in the room.

Of course the new air it will not be 100% pure, but the manufacturer guarantees you of a significant difference in the air purity.

This USB gadget will make the smokers happy.

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  1. I need one in my office 🙂 good idea but i doubt it works well

  2. I’m just waiting for USB kitchen accessories, USB toilet paper rolls, and USB massagers. Whoah, the adult toy industry could have fun with that one…

  3. That’s neat, but I wonder how much % it eliminates the second hand smoking problem from whatever remains in the air..

  4. Bidding Directory

    What a great little gadget

  5. Looks like another twist on the forever recreated smokeless ashtray! Sure plug it into a computer instead of putting two double a batteries into it. I’m not a smoker anymore, but we used to have a similar ashtray only battery powered, it did help keep the room from getting all foggy -lol-

  6. Wait…shouldn’t this make NON-smokers happy??? 😉 Nice little gadget.

  7. I love this little gadget. I need some to use in my new opened restaurant and pub. Thanks for this post

  8. Smokeless Ashtray

    I truly love my personal smokeless ashtray. This ashtray will keep our house away from smoke and certainly helps with the cleanup of cigarette ashes.

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