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USB Dog Tag

USB Dog Tag

You may have won the battle, but the tools to win the war are no longer found on your Swiss army knife. In fact forget about Swiss army, join the Cyber army with Cyber Snipa Dog tags, and drag all you battle hardened fighters into the cyber age. Not a conventional dog tag, ‘there’s no name and number tagged on the outside’, the real battle winning secrets are on the inside. The hardcore tag houses a 1GB USB memory stick, with an in use status light, ideal for storing all your top secret files. For the old school die hard battle fans out there, the USB Dog Tag has a secondary feature list that would have John Rambo drooling. The seemingly bullet proof brushed steel design is further enhanced by the fact that it houses a stainless steel screwdriver, pliers, and can opener as well as a super bright push button torch light for those moments when the enemy has plied you with weapons, grade cocktails and you can’t find the key hole in the dark. To complete your fully functional field bling, there’s even an authentic army style chain to hang around your neck, just don’t let it fall into enemy hands!

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  1. It looks ok but a bit childish.

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