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USB Glitter Lava Lamp

USB Glitter Lava Lamp

The USB lava lamp is one of the best USB accessories we’ve seen in a long time. Coming from the maker of the original Lava Lamp, the USB Lamp contains sparkly coloured and swirling silver glitter in a clear gel.The USB lava lamps are almost small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and in addition to being cute, the lamps allow LAVA lovers to have one plugged into the computer through the USB port providing continuous light and glitter. These Lava Lamps are good Feng Shui stimulators, introducing Yang, energy with a combination of water, movement and light. The mixture of glitter and coloured water inside the lamp is kept in perpetual motion by the heat of the bulb. The constant flow of energy is vital for creating good Feng Shui. Calm your thoughts and enjoy the tranquil feeling created by this chic looking USB lamp.

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