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USB Mobile Phone Charger

USB Mobile Phone Charger

The Zip Cord retractable USB Mobile Phone Charger Kit is the perfect travel companion for anyone. The Mobile Phone Charger charges your mobile from your laptop, tablet, PC or Mac’s USB port. The kit features adapters for five major mobile phone brands and adapts to many different models. The clutter-busting retractable cord virtually eliminates tangles and unsightly cable mess. If your always on the move, part of a family, or just own lots of mobile phones, then the USB Mobile Phone Charger is the perfect travel accessory.

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  1. The product looks nice but one thing I don’t know is will it derive its charging power from the port or something?

  2. Jim - 406NotAcceptable

    A nice idea, shame it won’t charge modern Nokia/Sony Ericsson phones. There are a number of similar devices (water to charge phone, wind up phone charger, battery phone charger.) Yet none of them support the latest phones, most of the support is for 2-3 year old models!

  3. gary@bobotel.com
    We can provide all kinds of chargers support latest phones.
    Welcome to visit our factory.

  4. gary, tell us your factory website address

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