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USB Putt Returner

USB Putt Returner – Demonstrate your golfing skills and challenge your friends to a mini golfing challenge from the comfort of your desktop. No expensive green fees to pay and no strict dress code to adhere to! Just plug and play!

Plug your Putt Returner into your computer’s USB port. This will automatically activate the game. Place the ball on your desk a short distance away from the Putt Returner and carefully line up your putt. Strike the ball smoothly with your miniature putter. Who knows? Maybe you will become the next Hawaii golf superstar.

USB Putt Returner

If you hole your putt the ball will be sent right back to you! Vary the distance and angle of your putts for a never-ending challenge! When you get the ball in the hole, after a couple of seconds the Putt Returner will shoot it right out again! No batteries required! Just plug it in to any USB port! Works with all PC operating systems including Windows Vista Pack.

Contains: 1 USB Putt Returner with flag 2 Miniature putters 6 Miniature golf balls Dimensions: Putt Returner: L 160mm W 70mm H(with flag) 88mm Golf Clubs: L 75mm W 28mm Golf Balls: Ø 12mm USB Lead: L(approx.) 1100mm.

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  1. Katelynn Grgurevic

    have a shot at the Point3 playing golf balls by Dave Pelz. They behave just like a real golfing ball, but they fly one-third the distance of a normal golfing ball. Plus, they’re real soft, so they’re safe for indoor use.

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