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USB Recording Internet Phone

USB Recording Internet Phone

USB Recording Internet Phone

This USB flash phone is a great gadget for your notebook or desktop computer. Join the growing number of people making telephone calls over the Internet free of charge with this USB flash phone. This phone is designed for Skype use. The compact silver finish unit has 64MB memory capacity with up and down volume controls on the front. Included with the USB flash phone is a USB cable driver on CD and ergonomic earphone which plugs into the base of the USB flash phone and enable you to hear and talk ‘hand free’. This must be the smallest unit I have ever seen that actually allows you to make VIOP calls on your computer. If you were wondering why there is no number keypad on the front of the phone you don’t need them. You will need to download the Skype software to make call with the phone and you can dial your numbers on your computer through the software. Its small and compact size makes it an ideal accessory for notebooks. The unit also supports playback and recording a great useful feature to have.

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