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USB Sim Card Reader

USB Sim Card Reader

Just how fragile is your data? Every contact you know and every text you’ve received is stored on a scarily fragile and tiny SIM card in your mobile. The USB SIM Card Reader is a natty little widget that has a clever way of protecting us from our dependence on the electronic world. Losing your mobile, or worse having it swiped, is annoying enough, but loosing all your contacts can be downright catastrophic. The USB SIM Card Reader is a blistering simple to use gizmo that gives you peace of mind.

It comes with software that enables you to back-up all the info on your SIM card to your PC, ensuring that you always have a synchronized copy of all your contacts. The software allows you to add and edit all your contacts, manage your passwords, edit your pin, archive any special text messages you want to keep and sort all your records. Any changes you make either on your phone, or on your PC address book, will automatically be updated the next time you pop the USB SIM Card Reader (loaded with your SIM obviously) into your USB port. Whatever happens to your phone or SIM, you can now rest secure in the knowledge that your contacts are safe.

You can have this for £12.95 – Approx USD $23.31 / €19.17

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