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USB Volkswagen Van Memory Stick

USB Volkswagen Van Memory Stick

Pack up and go with our USB Volkswagen Van Memory Stick! Just like to old days but with a modern twist! This fun and handy USB Volkswagen Van Memory Stick will transport you data, just like the old Volkswagen Van used to take all your camping equipment! Featuring 256Mb of data space enough for documents galore, this van will take pride of place on your desk!Plug it in – the headlights light up – and get going! Drag and drop your files into the Volkswagen Van with ease! This fun and different alternative to those boring USB hubs will allow you to carry that important information with you where you need it to go, but in paperless format so no more folded, crumpled and lost important papers!Compatible with most computers you can plug this in and get what you need with ease!Features:256Mb of data spaceLight up headlights when plugged inPlugs into any standard USB socket.

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