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USB Weather Station Hub

USB Weather Station Hub

USB Weather Station Hub

This is a great little gadget for work or home. This USB Hub displays the time and temperature. The hub has an attractive blue LCD backlight display.

The USB 1.1 hub has 4 USB ports A type female connectors and 1 USB mini 5P female connector. The hub supports both full-speed 12mbps and low speed 1.5mbps transfer rates and comes with 113cm USB a male to mini 5P male cable.

The device can chain up to 127 USB devices has individual port over-current protection provides up to 500mA port sufficient for diverse devices and is truly plug & play. The time can be set in 12/24 hour format and includes second hour minute year month and date.

The USB hub also has an alarm and the temperature setting can be displayed in C or F. This USB hub is crammed with features and does much more then your average USB hub.

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