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USB Wireless PC Lock

USB Wireless PC Lock

Computer security is a growing area of concern. The wireless PC lock secures your PC whenever you leave it and you don’t have to do a thing. A small USB receiver plugs into a USB port, whilst you carry a discrete wireless radio transmitter “key”. When you move more than 2m away from your PC with the transmitter key, the wireless lock disables access to your computer, protecting your personal information from nosey colleagues!When you return within range your PC resumes normal operation so that you can carry on working without a care in the world. Alternatively a password can be used to unlock the PC. It’s that simple! Effective range: Around 2 meters. Operation frequencies: 434MHz Transmitter Power Supply: DC 3V. Battery usage: Approximately 2000 hours. Receiver Power Supply: DC 5V provided by the computer through the USB port. Software Driver: supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

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  1. Now this it the product I have been waiting for to think I don’t have to worry about my computer when I go to lunch but big companies will love this.
    Great gadget

    Safe & Secure http://www.guardyourselfnow.com

  2. If you have a bluetooth adapter there are several applications for Linux that allow you to automatically lock the machine when a device (such as your phone or headset) moves out of range. I’m sure windows has software too, but my life’s too short to bother rebooting, so I wouldn’t know.

  3. There is only one problem. If someone just plugout the “lock” part of the lock, would it still be locked?

  4. what about if someone simply unplugs the usb?

  5. Or you could just hit Windows Key+L…

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