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Use Your Touch Screen Without Taking Off Your Winter Gloves

Capacitive touchscreens don’t work with winter gloves. To solve this problem Mujjo came up with the revolutionary conductive touchscreen glove.


The Mujio gloves try to solve your problem with using a touch screen device when you are outside and you have your gloves on.

Because touch screen don’t work wit regular gloves you can’t answer the phone, or do something on your touch screen. You must take of the gloves off to use the device and your hands will freeze. Not a good scenario! You can keep your hand warm while operating touch screen devices even you are outside and it is freezing: the solution is wearing Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves.


Mujjo’s touchscreen compatible winter gloves work with all capacitive touchscreen devices including – but not limited to – your iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, LG or whatever touch screen phone you’re using, they even work on your iPad.

Mujjo gloves are made of high-quality silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the fabric of the glove. This silver-coated nylon fibers make the gloves conductive and therefore touchscreen compatible.

Pricing and availability

A pair of Mujio gloves will cost you € 24,95 and you can find them at the Mujjo online store.

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  1. Now here is a great product that can solve a trivial yet irritating issue. I hope that it can live up to what the manufacturer says it can do.

  2. Interesting, But i do wonder if the accuraccy stays the same as using the phone with your gloves off.

    I tried operating my phone with gloves on last winter, the problem besides the touch screen not responding is that using the little buttons (sound +- , standby on the Galaxy S) is a pain is the proverbial …

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