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Useful gadget the GPS Insight

If you are a business owner or if you work as a manager, you will like today’s gadget – GPS Insight .

GPS Insight is a gadget for vehicle tracking, very useful in any company wich have 2 or more vehicles.



GPS Insight vehicle tracking system benefits:

  • Increase productivity. You will have all the information to increase your company productivity.
  • Better route planning, your company will save money and time by increasing routing efficiencies.
  • No more labor paid when people aren’t really working. You can easily verify if the people worked or not and pay only for their work.
  • Reducing the average speed of your vehicles. Your drivers will keep their licenses a while longer and you will have all your drivers at your disposal.
  • Fuel savings. Fuel is becoming more and more expensive, finding shorter routs will save you fuel and money.
  • Happy customers. By improving your delivery time and lowering your cost will make your customers happy.

GPS Insight is a hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product. The hardware is very easy to install and the soft is intuitive.

The reports

GPS Insight allow you to see detailed reports and graphics about:

  • Activity report. You can view specific location, stop and speed information for an individual vehicle for an entire day.
  • Begin/end day summary report. Use it to accurately monitor driver productivity.
  • Drive time summary report. Allows you to see fleet statistics like total mileage, maximum recorded speed, number of stops and distance traveled.
  • Landmarks. See a history of which landmarks a particular vehicle visited and the duration of the visits.
  • Geofence report. Monitor vehicle movement into and/or out of a user-defined geographic area.
  • Maintenance report. You will be announced if one of your vehicles has technical problems.
  • Fleet location report. See live were your vehicles are.
  • Fuel consumption. This feature will provide you with the information for reducing fuel expenses.
  • Many, many more.


GPS Insight costs $1.50-2 per day per vehicle.


On the company webpage you will find a price calculator to determine your costs http://www.gpsinsight.com/index.php?page=product&sub=pricing.


You can use GPS Insight support wiki for customers so your questions will be answered as fast as posible.

I liked their blog. The Blog for GPS vehicle tracking have a lot of information about using the product, with images and examples.

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