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Useful WordPress Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

Being the advanced, publishing platform it is today, with hundreds of top name brands in the world determined to use it with confidence, this freely distributed, fast and light content management system and blogging platform is not a stranger to the internet user. The infinitely extensible nature of WordPress is the key to its exponential success over the years. Due to its flexible open source nature, thousands of individuals have contributed to tweak this amazing platform to make it more versatile than every other publishing platform out there.

WordPress hacks

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Here are some very useful tips, to make your WordPress experience even more amazing

1. How to Insert Adsense ads Between Every Two Posts, Automatically.

Blending in Google adsense ads, especially text ones, with your site’s content is a great way to increase your adsense revenue potential. With this super useful WordPress hack, adsense ads are placed automatically below each post. You can customize the intervals, after which the ads should appear, for example, say once in every two posts. In fact this hack works for anything you’d want to put, below your posts, such as your slogan or a catchphrase directing user to view more of your WordPress site’s content. You can view the code needed to implement this super useful hack here. http://www.ilovecolors.com.ar/ads-wordpress-loop/ If you want to further optimize adsense ads in your page, by wrapping ads with the site’s content here is another great tutorial for you. http://aext.net/2010/01/how-to-wrap-google-adsense-in-wordpress-posts-correctly/

2. Control When Your Posts Should Appear On RSS Feeds

What if you made a mistake in your post, and presented it to your readers, without realizing it? Mistakes of any nature, from small typos to missing paragraphs could cost your site’s credibility. With more and more people trending to read their favorite blog posts via RSS readers, since they don’t have to necessarily surf the web for their favorite sites it’s likely that they are the firsts to read your posts, rather than organic traffic Sometimes, we don’t notice a particular error we’ve made in our posts, may be a typo or some missing details, until we’ve published our blog post online. When we re-read the posts ourselves, we suddenly find the error and rush back to admin panel to edit the post. Although this corrects the mistake, the RSS feeds have already published our content online, in the original way we’ve first published the content, and many of your readers would have already seen the mistake you’ve made. Few, in a raw and you are out of their league. A nice solution would be to delay the post being published in the feeds, so that you can still publish the content online and check back for errors. Here is a link to this cool hack. http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/15-killer-hacks-for-wordpress-that-are-extremely-useful/ Keep in mind that, you can actually delay the posts being published in the feeds by any time interval you’d want.

3. Creating Shortened URLs of Your Posts, Automatically

Social media sites like facebook and twitter are the best places to increase traffic to your blog. The more your links for the blog gets shared the more traffic it will bring. People like to share smaller, shorter URLs rather than long, gibberish URLs especially on twitter because they are restricted to 140 characters per message. Shortened URLs are also helpful in Adwords campaigns and offers; because you can actually include an additional message along with the link, and short URL s have a positive effect in conversion rates. You can easily create a tinier URL for your blog using the free online website tinyurl.com, which is the most popular service. However, manually creating tiny URL for each and every one of your posts is tedious and not practical, if you already manage several blogs. There is a mighty WordPress hack to solve this problem and create tiny URLS of your blog posts, ready to be tweeted, automatically. Here is the link to this very useful WordPress hack. http://www.wprecipes.com/how-to-automatically-provide-tinyurls-for-your-wordpress-blog-posts

4. Resizing Images Automatically to Match Your Blog Posts

Having trouble with uploading large images to your blog? I am sure you are having a very hard time, resizing the large images to match your site’s available space. Manually resizing every image or thumbnail you post on your blog is a time consuming and boring process. Although there are several plug-ins available for this task, most of them are either out dated, or have some suspicious codes included. So it’s definitely not worth taking a risk. However there is a great WordPress hack, using php GD library, to dynamically define parameters for your images including the height and width of your image. To use this hack you should be running php5, where GD is installed by default. Here is a link to this awesome hack http://www.wprecipes.com/how-to-resize-images-on-the-fly

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