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Useless USB gadgets

Useless USB gadgets – the vertical mouse, USB Guard Dog and The Evil Robotic USB Snowbot.

In the last period of time thousands of USB gadgets were invented and launched on the market.

Some of them are useful and make the living pleasant, fun and easy. But there are some USB gadgets that are useless.

See the useless gadgets!

1. Vertical Mouse


The buttons on the Vertical Mouse are positioned in such a way that you need to hold it in a handshake type of position, which is supposedly comfier and prevents the need to twist the lower arm.

Let’s be honest. A vertical mouse = useless gadget.

2. USB Guard Dog


The USB Guard Dog will protect your PC from unwanted intruders by barking and growling when ever intruders come within 3 feet of it, so next time somebody tries to pinch your highlighter pen you’ll know about it.

Verdict – USELESS.

3. The Evil Robotic USB Snowbot – most useless USB gadget around


The Snowbot looks and sounds like it has come off a set of BattleStar Galactica . Simply plug it into any free USB port and watch the Snowbot’s LED robotic eye scan from left to right.

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