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Using VoIP for Web Conferencing

To access the web conferencing option on VoIP system you may need to make a payment. However, there are some VoIP system that will allow you to access the feature for free. VoIP is normally used to make audio-visual calls. It’s an internet tools that allows you to participate in conversation via messages and speech. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. External or internal webcams will permit you to see the individual you are speaking to, while a microphone will permit you to talk to them, this again is naturally built-into the computer; however you can purchase an external one.


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Audio conferencing is possible on all types of internet connections. However, if you access the internet over a dial-up connection then you won’t be able to participate in audio-visual calls. Web conferencing is only possible if you have a broadband connection. However, for the best quality we recommend have a fibre optic connection. A secure internet connection is required regardless to participate in conferences via VoIP.

iChat and Google Video Chat are just two examples of VoIP systems. They both offer free and paid versions of their services. However, if you want to participate in group calls then you will need to pay to access that service. Having said that Skype is currently the most VoIP system, however it is important to find the VoIP system that best suits your needs.

Most VoIP system have an ‘Import Contacts’ button which will allow you to add all your friends to VoIP without having to enter their details manually. If you don’t have your contacts saved in a file, then you may to create one or import them manually.

Audio calls on VoIP are available to all contacts. However, if you want to participate in an audio-visual call, your contact must have a video image next to their name.

This article was written by Brian Madden; Online Marketing Assistant at Strata Communications.

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