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Valentine day gadget gifts

I was browsing iwantoneofthose.com for Valentine gadget gifts and 3 of them attracted my attention.

So here is my top 3 Valentine’s day gadgets gifts

#1. Personalized Classic Books

Personalised Classic Books

I love to read so personalized books for Valentine are my no. 1 choice.

The gift box containing everything you need to personalize a classic novel.

Substitute your name with the name of the leading character and create your own cast list with up to 5 friends.  Write a personalized dedication for inside the front cover of the book.

You can choose between the following classics and customizable characters:

  • Alice in Wonderland (Alice, The White Rabbit, Queen Of Hearts, King Of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat).
  • Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, Toto, The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodman, The Cowardly Lion, The Wicked Witch Of The West).
  • Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Jane Bennet, Charles Bingley, George Wickham, Lydia Bennet).
  • Dracula (Count Dracula, Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray, Lucy Westenra, Dr. John Seward).
  • Romeo and Juliet (Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, The Nurse, Tybalt, Paris).

#2. Hot Bear

Hot Bear

This bear is simply Loveable. She will love this gift.

The hot bear features:

  • Loveable, huggable bear with warm centre.
  • A removable wheat bag that can be heated in the microwave and reinserted into the bear’s tummy for warm fuzziness.
  • Heating time: 1 min at 650W, 45 secs at 800W, 30 secs at 1000W.
  • Color: golden.

#3. Naughty Weekend Kit

Naughty Weekend Kit

Warning! This Valentine’s day gift is only for the naughty ones.

The gift set comes with a soft crimson velvet blindfold, 2 x 80g sachets of Love Soak, 20ml bottle Vetiver massage oil, Honeycake Soap, edible sweet Angelic Body Dust & Tender Kissing Glaze, a purple feather, and a scrolled parchment of instructions for a night of lurve.

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  1. As you love to read, maybe you should check out U Star Novels’ range of personalised saucy novels for Valentine’s Day? Put you and your Valentine into a steamy love story of exotic romance and spine tingling adventure. And instead of a gift tin… you can give you Valentine the actual book personalised just for them. Valentine’s Day orders can be placed right up until 10th February. See http://www.ustarnovels.com for more information.

  2. Today is Valentine’s Day, only the most genuine holiday of the year. Those gift ideas are really great and so cute, thanks for sharing with us.

    Best Regards,

  3. nice wish list. I’m lovin’ the personalized books since I collect stuffs like these. So, perhaps I’ll add it to my wish list as well.

  4. Thanks 🙂

  5. The naughty weekend kit sound, well naughty. I’m really curious about the honey cake soap. Makes you so sweet ants will come and get you?

  6. Well thats 2 interesting gifts you present here. The naughty weekend Kit is kinda funny. However I still think you go best with a nice Valentine’s card, flowers and chocolate when you pick her up for romantic dinner.

  7. These gifts look really cool and I def think the warm teddy and naughty fun kit will go down well with the ladies….

    Some great valentines day gifts there!

  8. nice wish list. I’m lovin’ the personalized books since I collect stuffs like these. So, perhaps I’ll add it to my wish list as well.

  9. I’m lovin’ the personalized books since I collect stuffs like these. Thanks

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