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VanBox Thunder D2 15000mAh Dual USB Port Power Bank Portable External Battery Charger Review

After testing the Linkon power bank it was the time to test the VanBox Thunder D2. This is a power bank designed to charge your smart devices the fast and easy way. It works with smartphones and tablets and the VanBox is a portable external battery charger which features two USB ports so you will be able to charge two devices in the same time.

VanBox Thunder D2

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The Vanobx capacity of 15000mAh allows the users to power all sorts of gadgets from smartphones to tablets and it is a good option for traveling because the modern gadget’s battery life is quite short – a lot of them need to be charged after a few hours of utilization.

The VanBox Thunder D2 main benefit is the two USB ports which allows charging two devices in the same time. This is an useful feature, but you will require an extra cable because only one is included in the pack. According to the manufacturer the two USB ports (2.4A and 1.5A) can identify the device you plugged in for charging and charge “speaking the device own language”, however for the best results it is recommended to charge iPad, iPhone, tablets using USB1 and Andorid phone using USB2.

VanBox Thunder D2 main features and specs:

  • 15000mAh rechargeable power capacity
  • dual output ports (2.4A and 1.5A)
  • support 2.0A fast recharging
  • three LED charge status indicators

My tests

The VanBox external power bank come empty so the first thing I did was to charge the device using my computer. It charges via USB: all the user must do is to connect the device to a computer using the USB included cable ( insert the microUSB into the device and the USB to a computer/USB charger).

The Vanbox will charge completely in a few hours.

To charge a device just connect it to the power bank and press the power button.

VanBox Thunder D2 Review

This device has an appealing design. It looks stylish because the case is made from aluminum alloy metal. The design is compact, considering that this is a two device charger and that it can charge a device several times before you need to recharge the Vanbox. The charger fits into a pocket but it is quite heavy (12 ounces) therefore I would put it into my backpack.

As a downside there is no indicator to show you how much power it is available in the power bank.

I used this device to charge my Android phone and it worked without any problems. The charge was fast comparable to charging a phone via a wall socket.

In conclusion: a good gadget to have to charge tablets, smartphone on the go, useful when traveling or going on outdoor adventures.  The Vanbox is simple to use and it can charge two devices simultaneously. It does a good job at charging small electronics but is quite large (6 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches) compared with devices which are able to charge just one gadget.

The device’s price is affordable – less than $40 and it is available on the official site and Amazon.com.

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