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Veho HD Ultra Slim Pocket Camcorder

Veho HD Ultra Slim Pocket Camcorder is beautifully designed – sleek, tiny and ultra-functional.

Veho HD Ultra Slim Pocket Camcorder

It’s also High Definition, so the picture quality is amazing (perhaps a mixed blessing, depending on what it is you’re recording – easy with the zoom, folks…) and the inclusion of 8 x digital zoom, stabilisation and motion detection features are really useful for difficult shots. Great features like charging via USB and an internal memory of 64MB (with the option of inserting an SD memory card) make this an unbeatably versatile little package.

It’s not all about the features and the wizardry within, though, the Veho allows you to capture those unmissable moments literally wherever you go. Small enough to slide into your pocket, it means you’re ready to film whenever you like. Whether your dog’s just learnt to dance, your mate’s fallen in a ditch or Junior’s unexpectedly started walking early, some moments just need to be filmed – this camera’s got you covered. It’ll take stills too, so you can snap away if motion’s not your bag (seriously though, who’s buying this just for the stills?), and there’s even room to store your favourite tunes on there.

When you’ve captured that potentially Oscar-winning performance, you can connect the camera to your TV and watch it back, or stick it on your computer via USB so you can store it, copy it and burn it to DVD. Easy-peasy. In short, no matter what you need to film, the Veho is ready anytime, anywhere.

Veho HD Ultra Slim Pocket Camcorder features:

  • Ultra-compact HD Camcorder.
  • Takes HD video, still photographs and can be used to play MP3s (headphones included).
  • 8 x digital zoom.
  • 5 megapixel sensor.
  • 2.5″ LCD fold-out monitor.
  • 10 second self-timer.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Can be connected to PC via USB cable (included).
  • System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
  • File formats: JPEG, AVI, MP3.
  • Weight: 86g (without battery).

Availability and pricing info

Veho HD Ultra Slim Pocket Camcorder cost £99.99 and it is available at IwantOneOfThose.com.

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  1. “Takes HD video, still photographs and can be used to play MP3s (headphones included).”

    Awesome. Now we don’t have to bring gadgets individually. This is really functional. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I Found For most computers you can buy a cable that will allow you to send the images from your computer screen to your television.
    I have a mac, so I went to the mac store and bought the video adapter for my laptop that runs the video out of the mini-vga port on my laptop and converts it into s-video or RCA that I can plug into my television.
    Then you just need an 1/8″ audio cable that runs from the headphone out of your computer into your audio amp or your tv (depending on whether your TV sound is routed to external speakers or is produced internally)

  3. It’s very nice Pocket Camcorder. I like it’s features. It’s a pochet Camcorder so we can take it anywhere and anytime and can capture our unmissable moments.

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