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WakaWaka Power Hot Offers

You’ve already heard about the WakaWaka Power solar smartphone charger.

If you like the device and want one you will be happy to hear that the manufacturer recently released holiday specials.Not only will you get a great device for powering your mobile devices when you buy a WakaWaka Power, you’ll help share the sun through WakaWaka Solar Lamps delivered around the world.

WakaWaka Power Hot Offers:

·         Buy 2 WakaWaka Powers, Get 1 FREE

·         Buy 1 WakaWaka Power, Get a FREE AC-USB Cable ($20 Value for FREE!)

·         Buy 1 WakaWaka Power + 1 WakaWaka Solar Lamp for $105 (Save $23!)

·         Buy 2 WakaWaka Solar Lamps for $60

Access these offers from Here.

Check out their new Power Worth Sharing video as well to learn more about the company’s mission to end energy poverty in our lifetime!

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