Walkman Abiste E010 from Sony cool music player


Sony will launch a new great looking music player Walkman Abiste E010.

The cap of the E-series players looks so good because is using Swarovski crystals. Walkman Abiste E010 will be available on blue, gold, pink, purple and black.

The players will have 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities and they will use a three-line color LCD.

The Sony Walkman Abiste E010 has a quick-charge mode that supplies enough power for three hours of music. The battery life (without using the quick charge function) will be 30 hours.

Abiste E010 will cost $128 for 1GB, $150 for 2GB and 200 for 4GB version.

This new cool gadget will be available from September.

You may also see other Sony music players: Sony Walkman NW-E010 and Sony Nwa808bce7.

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  1. Well this sure ain’t a unisex mp3 player!

  2. That looks a bit too glittery for my tastes. It’ll probably be popular among the tweens (junior high kids) though lol

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