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Watch channels like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and more outside USA

If you are not living in USA or if you are in vacation and you want to watch your favorite channels on Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and similar services there is an easy solution. The site Unotelly.com allows you to access movies and TV series via third party services even if you aren’t in USA.


Watch this short video to see how it works

With the service offered by Unotelly.com you can watch your favorite channels on any device you have (PC, MAC, TV tablet, laptop, netbook, mobile phone).

In the last 5 days I have tested the service.

Unotelly review

Their service is very simple to use. After you set up the account you will have to choose the device you have and follow the detailed instruction. On my PC it took less than 3 minutes to setup up a DNS server addresses. After that I had access to channels.

I have watched a show on the Discovery channel. The image was clear and I could enjoy the show without delays. Both image and sound quality were good.

I have watched the Olympics on bbc.co.uk and worked without problems. I also had no problems with FoodNetwork.

So if you want to access channels like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Discovery, BBC, FoodNetwork.and many more outside USA Unotelly is good option.

Please note that some services may require an account.

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