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Weight Loss Technology

We have reached a golden age for technology that helps people achieve weight loss. Our smartphones and tablets have become digital personal trainers and give us personalized plans that add new dimensions to our training. We can track what we eat, how much we exercise and whether or not we are meeting our goals.

Technology Does Matter


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Our behavioural choices are often what get in the way of healthy lifestyles. It could be bad eating choices, routinely sedentary lifestyles, or other behavioural factors. Many people know they are making the wrong choices but don’t know how to go about fixing these problem areas that cause weight gain.

We need someone or something to guide us along – to keep us in the fitness straight and narrow. Using technology is easier and less stressful than a consultation with a person. Technology allows you to self-monitor your lifestyle choices. You can track what you are eating and how much you are exercising.

Tech Options

There are some different devices you can bring with you to the gym or use at home that will help you stay in shape. A Fitbit is a small instrument that attaches to your clothes and counts how many steps you make. Fitbit will also track how many hours of sleep you get a night. This device can be synced with your computer or smartphone to help you keep track of the progress you are making.

Nike+ FuelBand is a bracelet that keeps count of the calories that you have burned each day. It also shows if you are meeting your goals. The Nike+ FuelBand can be linked to your smartphone as well.

Basis is more than just a watch. Basis keeps track of your sleep, blood flow, perspiration, workouts, number of steps you have taken, heart rate, and the amount of calories you have burned.

App Options

Your smartphone or tablet can also serve as a weight lost device. MyFitnessPal is an app that creates a log from your activity and caloric intake. The caloric counter is a really smart feature and gives detailed information. It’s also very user friendly. You’ll be surprised at how unbalanced your eating habits were before using this app. MyFitnessPal will help you achieve nutritional targets. The best feature of this app is that it’s free.

Fitness Builder is a great app for keeping track of your workouts. Fitness Builder has a massive collection of exercise images and videos that will add new life to your workouts. You’ll be able to track your fitness goals and challenge yourself with new routines. Fitness Builder gives you access to a live personal trainer as well. This app is priced at $10 for the basic package, but is well worth the cost. You’ll get so much more out of your workouts with this app.

Fitness Tech is the Way of the Future

Fitness technology is here to stay. The apps and devices are getting better all the time and are able to deliver better personalized fitness plans. Use these apps to discover the most efficient and effective way to lose weight and stay in shape. Embrace technology based fitness and take ownership of your own health.

Greg Smith is a health and fitness writer. He is a firm believer in combining technology, a nutritious diet, and an active lifestyle to maintain optimal health. Right now, he is writing a lot about weight loss and healthy living for various blogs across the internet.

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