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Weird gadget world.Wear Gadgets On Your Face???

I knew that gadgets fans are “different” but to wear all your gadgets on your face?

This I think is the oddest gadget ideas I ever seen.

The Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler (aka Remote Wrangler) has taken a novel approach to remote control storage that will be sure to take the world by storm, head first.

Currently, only 2 styles are available for this unorthodox headgear for gadgets but others are sure to follow. For the sports enthusiast, there is the red white and blue “Retro Sportsman” model, which has proven to be very popular in the Asian market. The demure “Antique Olive ” caters to the conservative crowd who may prefer a more discreet and formal appearance.

Read more about this unusual gadget on http://www.americaninventorspot.com/lost_remotes. 🙂

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