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Wenger Swiss Army Knife Evo 14

Wenger Swiss Army Knife Evo 14
These miniature marvels from Wenger, inventor of the original knife, not only put Switzerland on the map for something other than Toblerone, but have become global icons of smart design and beautiful, meticulous construction.

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  1. maybe they should add a usb drive function as most of us should have one these days.

  2. 1) Carl Elsener founded Victorinox, makers of THE ORIGINAL Swiss Army Knife in 1884. Wenger came later. Therefore, VICTORINOX put Switzerland on the map.
    2) Victorinox has been making USB Swiss Army Knives for several years now. They started with 128 and 256mb capacities. They’ve since upped the capacity and added password and fingerprint recognition protection.

    Getcha facts straight.

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