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Wenger Swiss Army Knife Evo 81

Wenger Swiss Army Knife Evo 81
Best of all is its size. Measuring-up at a compact 2.5 inches (or 6 centimetres, to use the Swiss measure) it’s handy enough to pop in your combat trousers, or handbag if you’re a lady soldier. Then it’s Lausanne here we come for some serious nail-filing action.

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  1. Bradvera says:

    That swiss knife looks mighty tempting! Small little bugger can be tucked anywhere. I might just get one for myself!

  2. Cartier says:

    This is for girl? But from the looks, it does looks girly. The shape and the curve.

  3. swiss knives are common in the market. but this one attracts me! look at the awesome stylish body which will no doubt increase the grib n the looks! might get one even thou i got a blue swiss knives from switz already

  4. brenda@coolmultitool.com says:

    Looks comparable to Leatherman Micra and/or Squirt.

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