What are Bearcat Scanners

Bearcat scanners basically use radio frequencies to listen to emergency and police broadcasts. To work a bearcat scanner you have to program it to a specific frequency that you need to listen to. You can enter the channel manually or scan it automatically.

Bearcat USC230E 2500 Channel Wideband VHF/UHF AM/FM Handheld Scanning Receiver with "Close Call" Feature

Normally when bearcat scanners locate a channel while scanning, it plays it for about 5 seconds before skipping to the next channel. When it locates the right channel you’re looking for, you just press the "E" button to stop the scan and save the frequency by pressing the "save" button.

Bearcat scanners can allow you to save about 200 channels with up to 10 serving banks depending on the model. You can store the channels according to a specific department, distance or any category you may prefer. Normally the bearcat scanners has their own preprogrammed service banks in separate departments; weather channel, marine, ham, aircraft, fire emergency and police banks. You can search your area for frequencies that are not listed of course within the search ranges.

The great thing about bearcat scanners is their key lock ability; this means someone can’t accidentally tamper with the scanner’s settings. Another advantage is they have their own memory; so incase of a power outage you will not loose the saved channels. Speaking of power, the bearcat scanners can use both AC & DC and have "battery low alert" which gives you a chance to change the batteries.

Bearcat scanners are helpful in getting information and for navigation. You can radio in for help if you’re stranded or when an accident happens and needs emergency help. They are useful in search and rescue as they make it easier to track down maybe a crash site or lost crew.
Bearcat scanners would come in handy for people working in remote areas where mobile frequencies are low. The scanners will be a good mode of communication between the work colleagues when they’re far apart.

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