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What Is CEH?

The short answer is "Certified Ethical Hacker". The long answer involves spoofs, exploits, zombies, denial of service attacks, logic bombs and even Trojan horses or the occasional virus. However, instead of using these hacking tools to penetrate networks and mine information such as credit card information, steal corporate secrets or even to steal money, a CEH uses these tools to help corporations and even the government to prevent those things from happening.


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Difference in Hackers

Ever since computers have been around, from ENIAC through the newest incarnation of Titan, hackers have been around trying to find ways into them. And, from the dawn of the Computer Age until now, there have been two types of hackers. Those who wanted to use their skills to steal and destroy (black hat) and those who simply wanted to explore (white hat). Until recently, any hacking was deemed destructive and would be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law would allow. However, many companies and even the U.S. government have come to realize that all hackers weren’t out to destroy what they find.

There are enough ‘black hat’ hackers in the world that corporations and governments want to find ways to protect themselves from them. The typical IT professional simply isn’t equipped or has the knowledge to defeat most ‘black hat’ hackers. Enough company and government officials came to realize this that the recruitment of ‘white hat’ hackers has become a niche job market so those hacking skills could be put to use protecting both corporate and government networks, finding and plugging security holes so ‘black hats’ can’t use them.

CEH Course

So many government and corporate leaders have come to realize the benefits of ‘white hat’ hacking that an official certification process has been developed. There is a course of study and an exam to become a Certified Ethical Hacker. This certification has been designed for the civilian and corporate marketplaces.

Also, there is another exam to become a Certified Network Defense Architect, or CNDA. This certification has been designed for certain US government agencies and is only available to those agencies. The coursework is still the same, however the certification is different.

This means that someone who is interested in hacking but has no desire to damage or steal information from the networks they penetrate actually has a valid opportunity to not only make a good living but to help companies and even the government to defeat those hackers who would cause harm. This gives the "Timothy McGee"s (NCIS TV show) of the world a reason to expand their skill sets and gives them the acceptance in the world they crave without the stigma that is pinned to the average hacker.

If you have hacking skills and want to not only enhance your abilities but want to help people in the process, getting your CEH from as institutions such as TrainACE CEH training Virginia may well be the key to your future success. Hacking isn’t a skill that has to be used for destruction. It’s a skill that you can use to protect not only yourself but people all over the world.

Article provided by Ryan Corey of TrainACE, a computer and IT training institute in Maryland and Virginia.

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