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What New Technology is Making Your Employees More Productive?

According to a recent poll by Pew Research, technology not only makes workers more satisfied, but also more productive. Specifically, email and the internet were voted as the most important productivity tools. Technology helps make workers more productive through expanding communication networks and allowing for more flexible work schedules. Below introduces different ways technology can make your employees more productive.

What New Technology is Making Your Employees More Productive

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Many office workers complain about the amount of unnecessary work emails they receive. However, email is still the most important technology for increasing worker productivity. The instant mail service offers a centralized communication platform that is often integrated with a calendar and task scheduling. As a result, workers can quickly and informally communicate with each other and can also organize and archive all necessary information according to their own preferences.

Project Management Solutions

Any project needs more than just email correspondence. Luckily, there are free or inexpensive online solutions for project management and analytics. For example, Trello offers an online platform which allows multiple users to track and manage any kind of project. Having an online central resource is important when different departments and facility sites are involved, especially if they are in different states or countries.

Online Integrated Cloud Service

Google Drive is one of the most famous examples of an integrated cloud services. Cloud services offer online storage, collaboration tools, and are integrated with photo and app suites. This means users can edit and share access to documents, spreadsheets, and other forms. This is very useful when real-time data and continual updates are needed to ensure quality collaboration.

Expense Report Software

Some of the most popular expense report software includes Abukai (for mobile phones) and OfficeTime (for computers). For example, Abukai allows mobile phone users to take a picture of their receipt and receive a finished expense report. This in turn can be submitted to the company’s main accounting software with the tap of a finger. It’s making your business practices faster than ever and streamlining old clunky processes.

Employee Monitoring Software

Sometimes technology forces employers to remain productive through the supervisor using an employee monitoring software. These programs are designed to do anything from monitoring emails to blocking certain websites, such as Facebook. However, the best use of employee monitoring software is simply to remind employees they are at work and should be productive. Your company should consider hiring outside IT services, like Bedrock’s Ottawa managed services, which can set up software to restrict employees from downloading sensitive company data and information.

Today there are a variety of technology solutions that will increase worker productivity. These include email, project management, cloud service, expense report and employee monitoring software. With the right technology all your employees can stay focused and dedicated to their tasks.

By Brooke Chaplan

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