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What to Get Excited About with the Unveiling of the iPhone 5 and Mini iPad in September

It’s that time of the year again! Time, that is, to get excited about new versions of everyone’s favorite Apple products. With the new iPhone 5 and the mini iPad unveiling in September, let’s take a look at what customers will find upon opening those iconic white boxes.

iPhone’s New Look

You can expect your iPhone 5 to have a thinner body than its predecessor, as well as a larger display and a smaller dock connector. All three of these features were rumored early on, and are congruent with the trend in the iPhone’s evolution. As phones grow larger and larger so customers can see a bigger, clearer picture of their favorite videos and apps, the iPhone refuses to be left behind. It will still maintain the squared corners of the iPhone 4. The new dock connector is rumored to be much smaller in size, resembling a thinner USB port rather than the long rectangle of its current shape.

iPad’s Revamped Size

Have you always wanted an Apple tablet but the iPad was just too big? For Apple’s smaller customers, the iPad could be a bit off-putting considering it could be the size of their head or larger! Well, there is good news: the new iPad Mini is going to be true to its name, measuring up to be significantly smaller than its predecessor. The decision on Apple’s part to reveal a mini version of the beloved iPad is in light of the recent trend in other tablet companies to offer smaller tablets for their customers.

iOS 6

One of the strongest features of all Apple products, besides their sleek and powerful hardware, is the user-friendly operating system. iOS, the operating system of the iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, is getting an upgrade in fall as well and promises to be even more streamlined and intuitive. Although a few bugs will undoubtedly surface within the first few weeks of iOS 6’s launch, Apple should continue its trend of quick fixes to allow you to use your new iDevice to its fullest potential.

Battery Life

Although very few official specifications have been released so far, it can be expected that the iPhone 5 will have a noticeably better battery life than the iPhone 4, and that the iPad Mini will have a battery life comparable to the normal iPad.

While all of these upgrades sound good enough in themselves, there is still more to be excited about come September. Apple is notorious for remaining tight-lipped about the most iconic features of their products, meaning that when the new iDevices are finally unveiled there will undoubtedly be a few surprises in store for the lucky Apple customer.

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