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What To Look For In a Business Mobile Phone

Choosing a business mobile phoneis just as important as choosing the right PC or laptop for the office. The chances are it will become an integral part of your business, and if you work on the move a lot, you simply won’t be able to run your business without it. Ultimately the phone you choose will come down to personal preference, whether or not you like the interface and functionality, and possibly even cost, but before you make your final decision, here are just a couple of things to bear in mind when you’re researching:

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Wireless network and internet access: Speedy wireless is a must if you need to access the internet from your phone. There’s nothing as annoying as having to wait ages for a web page to load, so make sure you choose a phone with good wireless capabilities. The latest iPhone – the iPhone 5 boasts superfast wireless as one of its key selling points so definitely put it on your list of phones to check out when you’re next in a mobile store.

Battery life: This isn’t something that we automatically think about when we’re sizing up potential phones but when you’re out and about all day and may not be able to recharge your phone, you need to know that the battery won’t let you down. Obviously the more you access the internet and emails from your phone, the more the battery will be drained, so if this is something you do a lot, make sure to ask the sales advisor about the battery life.

Emailing and keyboard: Emailing functionality is probably one of the first things that a lot of business users will look at. Some phones like the Blackberry will alert you every time a new email comes in whereas others like the iPhone will only download emails when you tell them to. This means if you forget to check your emails for a couple of hours, you may find that your inbox is pretty full, or even that you missed an important email that required a reply an hour ago. If you need to know as soon as a new email hits your inbox then make sure email alert is one of the functions on your phone.

Document read: Another thing you might need to do is read important documents on the go. If this is the case then you’ll need to be able to download and open attachments from your phone, which can use up a lot of battery power not to mention memory. Find out which phones handle this functionality the best.

Finally, if the weight and feel of a phone are important considerations for you then it might be better to buy your phone in store rather than online. That way you can play around with it beforehand and get used to how it feels in your palm and in your pocket.

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