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When to Use a Paid Translation Service

There are a number of online translation services available, the most famous of which is Google translate. For what it is, Google Translate works amazingly well. It generally allows you to figure out the meaning of the foreign-language text. It is especially good if the original text uses perfect grammar and does not use any figures of speech. Therefore, if you are looking at a foreign-language web page, it is almost always able to tell you the general meaning of what that page says, even if you have no experience with that foreign language. It can also be helpful in learning a foreign language, because it always gives you one translation of your text.

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But despite their usefulness, Google Translate and other online translators have significant limitations, and there are times when you will need to use a paid translation service. This is because machine translations can never give you the human touch. If you are translating text written in a foreign language, you need to remember that those words were written by a human, and the human who wrote them had an infinite number of ways to express the information. This is why people prefer services like eDiscovery translation which are made by humans.

The writer made a conscious decision to say it one way and not another. And to make that decision, the writer had to rely on his or her knowledge of that language. The same thing must be done when the text is translated. When the information is written in another language, there are an infinite number of ways the information can be presented. An online translation service will pick one way of expressing the material.

But a human writer who is familiar with both languages will be able to chose the translation that is the closest to the choice made by the original writer.

Online translation services are also unable to deal effectively with figures of speech. We often use non-literal language. If someone writes that the sky is falling, it is very rare that pieces of the sky are literally falling to earth. In many cases, these figures of speech are not the same in different languages.

Therefore, you need a professional translation service which uses people who can make these judgment calls.

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