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Where to Get Cheap Video Games for Your Kids

With the rising cost of both video games and video game systems, gaming is quickly becoming an expensive hobby. This is especially the case for the parents of kids who love video games. Every new game that is released can easily cost around $60, and when that game lasts a weekend at most, that $60 suddenly seems like a lot more.


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Luckily, despite the high cost of new video games at most retail locations, there are some cheaper, alternative ways for parents to pick up the video games they know their kids want most. Here are three places to look for cheap video games:

Retail Stores with Sales

One alternative way to purchase video games is to simply wait until a game has been out for a while and goes on sale. Some retail stores and online stores will reduce the prices of games before others, however, so browse those sale ads and keep an eye on the discount bins and racks. Encourage your kids to choose games that have been out for a while and are more affordable.

Some retail sales also offer special bonuses when you pre-order a game or purchase it combined with another product. Deals like these are sometimes worthwhile to keep an eye on. Find out which games your kids are interested in ahead of time so you can scout out the best deals.

Used Game Stores

Many popular video game stores are now beginning to offer used games. Used games can be a little risky, but they are usually much cheaper. If you ever experience any issues with used games, you can generally contact the store and get a replacement copy.

Used video game programs are also something to keep in mind if your kids are prone to buying a new game then never touching it again once they have beaten it. If you trade in old games, you can let your kids pick out new games to enjoy without having to buy them.

Online Game Rentals and Programs

Thanks to the Internet, it’s now possible to try out video games without having to leave the house at all. There are websites like Lynx2Games.com (click here to check it out) that allow customers to rent games for weeks at a time without having to pay the full price of the game. In many cases, this gives your kids plenty of time to beat the game.

If you decide it’s worth the price of a full purchase after the rental period is over, you can then purchase it for a much more affordable price. Since physical movie and gaming rental stores have become quite scarce, this is one great way to save money on games.

It can be expensive to keep your kids outfitted with the most popular games available, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little research, a handful of smart buying habits and the introduction of used games and online game rentals, you can help keep your kids playing the games they love while saving money at the same time.

Article by Adam Rothstein

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