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Which Type of Hedge Trimmer is Right for Your Home?

Hedge trimmers are a fundamental piece of kit when it comes to keeping your front and back garden in shape, especially if you have significant or grand hedges. The appliances can obviously be very dangerous due to their unforgiving blades and can also pose a threat to your hearing if not used appropriately; but used properly, good quality hedge trimmers, such as those available from the likes of Eckman, can mean the difference between a good or a great garden.

electric hedge trimmer

A Two-stroke or hybrid engine eckman hedge trimmer can provide freedom of movement, meaning that you can achieve that extra bit or precision when trimming your garden hedge. This said there are often occasions on which the fumes or noise cannot be tolerated – at school for instance. It is at times like these where a careful decision needs to be made as to what sort of electric hedge cutters are right for you.

If you are working at a site where tranquillity and atmosphere is vital, it may be prudent to opt for one of the many cordless electric hedge trimmers out there. These can often be converted into a telescopic chainsaw lopper to help reach those difficult areas and trimming can be completed without any worry of cutting your own cable. Being battery powered, there are no fuel emissions either making this sort of device ideal for combating the above issues. The only compromise made is power, with the more heavy duty hedge trimmers out there being better suited to the bigger jobs.

The lightweight design of the cordless, battery powered hedge trimmers can also ease the strain on back and arm muscles – this is obviously ideal for jobs that can take considerable time.

In a nutshell, the lightweight and eco-friendly hedge trimmers may not be suitable for heavy duty, commercial use but are absolutely ideal for the home, school or workplace. In an added advantage, they are also much cheaper to run and allow easier access to awkward locations.

Many brands that manufacture these sorts of trimmers and cutters have several models on offer, these suit different sorts of garden and environment. These can be found online or in catalogues. and many will have user reviews and star ratings so you can be sure that you purchase the right hedge trimmer for you. Typical good quality devices will cost in the region of £70 to £100 and may well make the perfect Christmas gift.

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