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Why Google Fiber Will Change The Internet Industry

After the rise of social media, the tech community continued its search for the next big change in internet technology. Completely wireless cities have been on the rise, but now many are wondering what kind of speeds can be achieved while lowering prices for the customer. At the head of these changes is Google, a company that has already begun its limited release of high-speed, low cost internet throughout the United States. While it is still only offered in a handful of cities, Google Fiber is slowly beginning the process of revolutionizing how the world envisions internet service providers and what can be expected in the coming years.

Why Google Fiber Will Change The Internet Industry

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The first step in understanding just how much Google Fiber cable internet will change the market is to take a closer look at exactly what this service provides. Most users will notice Google Fiber reach speeds of up to 1,000 MB per second. For the average customer, this is just over 100 times faster than the upload speeds that they currently possess. Depending on the location, this service costs a monthly fee as well as an one-time installation fee. Users can also opt for a single installation cost that will provide them with free internet for 15 years or longer. This small fee covers the basic hardware, and users will then get internet as long as they stay in a city that is supported by Google Fiber.

In order to grasp how much this new service will change the market, users will want to closely inspect exactly what Google has in store for their high-speed fiber optic cable program. If Google plans on extending this service throughout the entire country, modest estimates claim that this will cost at least $100 billion due to a lack of infrastructure. Luckily, Google may be able to accomplish their goals without supplying Fiber to every city within the country. If their goal is to promote competition with all other internet providers, they may have already accomplished this task.

For those that have seen Google Fiber in action, it comes as no surprise that it could possibly be the most affordable, high-speed option that is currently available. Google also touts this new technology as one of the top choices for businesses, especially those within the technology sector. 1,000 MB per second could be exactly what is needed to share large amounts, especially when using cloud and virtual servers in larger organizations, one of the leading trends in internet technology.

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