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You probably noticed I haven’t written any new post after Music Infused Headbands (Entertainment for the whole family this Christmas with Sony was written by JK). I have been to Turin for the Sony BRAVIA-drome Press Event 2008 to see the latest technology: Motionflow 200Hz. In this post I will tell you about my trip and later I will upload the pictures and movies I have made(the movies must be edited and it will take me a while).

Sony BRAVIA-drome

The event was exhausting:

  • Wednesday. I left from home at 2 and I was in the airport at 3, at 4 I have check-in and at 6 I was in air with Amsterdam as destination.
  • I have arrived in Amsterdam at 9 am and went to catch the plane to Malpensa airport, Milan.
  • At 11.30 I was in Milan looking for the Sony representative. After a 2 hour car ride I arrived at the hotel and left my luggage in hotel hall because my room wasn’t ready. It was 13.30 so I had one hour before leaving in the tour of Turin. I went for a walk and I have eaten a sandwich.
  • I have abandoned my rucksack in my room and I have went in the Turin tour (14.30). I had a guide which showed us the most important sites of Turin, unfortunately we didn’t had the time to visit them.
  • at 17.20 I was in my hotel room, I took a shower and changed my clothes. I had 2 ness cafes to "wake up" and at 18.30 we left for Venaria, near Turin where the Sony BRAVIA-drome Event was held .
  • The event was very well organized: we had the possibility to see Motionflow 200Hz in action and to ask question about this technology. Sony speakers explained the innovations behind Motionflow and the famous football freestyler Dan Magness smashed 3 Guinness World Records. Sony Bravia-Drome smashed the Guinness World Record for the largest zoetrope ( zoetrope is a spinning device that creates the illusion of movement out of static pictures).

dan magness

  • At 23 we went back to the hotel and finally I got some sleep.
  • Thursday. I was up at 6 and start packing at 6.45 I was taking breakfast and after that I took my luggage and left to San Siro (Stadio Giuseppe Meazza) Stadium.


  • It took 2.30 hours to get to San Siro, we have visited the stadium and the AC Milan & Internationale Milano museum and after that we went to the press conference with the famous AC Milan player Ricardo Kaka.
  • After the press  conference and lunch we were taken to the Malpensa airport. I had several hour to kill in the airport so I’ve read a book. After that I took the plane back to Amsterdam and then back home.
  • Friday at 1 AM I was home.

In the last 2 days I was trying to recover after this great but very exhausting experience.

In tomorrow post I will show you how Motionflow 200Hz works.

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