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Why Internet is Great

I said this many times: Internet is Great! In less than 30 minutes you can find out a lot even I the areas you know nothing about.

Years ago traveling or renting a place in a new town was a tremendous task. You had to work with agents and the results depended by many factors. The best way was to find a honest and reliable agent or go and investigate yourself. Both these options were expensive.


Nowadays it is easy. You don’t want to use an agent (a middle man) you don’t have to. All you need is an Internet connection and the know-how to make a basic research. You can find offers, compare them, read reviews. And now with all the social media websites you can see discussions about a place on sites like:Twitter or Facebook.

And if you choose to work with an agent the Internet will also help. Before choosing an agent you will be able to see what previous clients are saying about him or her.

For example if you are looking for Seattle condos you can try several searches:

  • Use Google to find webpages about Seattle condos
  • Use estate / renting specialized sites to browse offers
  • Use social media sites to see what people are sharing with friends
  • Read forums and users reviews

This is why Internet is Great! It saves time and money.

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  1. Just to add a another thought for this, Internet is great because if I need to work out from my office based in the UK is a viable option.

    But if I need to make my move to Alice Springs, Australia, and if there is electriccity and phone lines in the area then I can continue my work easily. thus, internet has a great advantage of making people movable on the planet, if you have a succesful online business, or you are a devloper, you can work out anywhere, thus populating remote areas of our globe.

  2. Good day thanks for your great blog post on Why Internet is Great. the article was very beneficial for a project I am finishing up for school.

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