Why Phone Wars Are Good For Consumers

Unless you’ve been living underground for the last couple of years, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that there is a war on. That’s right, Apple and Samsung are going at it and there’s no sign of a ceasefire, let alone lasting peace in our time.


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War, as we are all taught from a young age, is a bad thing. When you’re talking about the kind with guns and tanks, this is certainly true. This, however, is tech war (no, not the kind that featured in the books by William Shatner). This is the kind of war that is ultimately good for us, the consumers.

In the battle for our hearts and minds, Apple and Samsung are exchanging some pretty heavyweight blows. A recent court case which was decided in favour of Apple meant that Samsung were liable to pay one billion dollars for infringing on patents owned by Apple. A rumour quickly circulated that the South Korean firm were going to pay the bill in a convoy of trucks loaded with nickel (5 cent) pieces. The fact this isn’t true is neither here nor there, what it shows is just how much these two want to get one over on the other.

What does this all mean?

So, just how is this good news for us? Well, what it means for consumers is that the technology that drives and operates our phones is going to improve at an incredible rate, as each tries to discover new ways of making their phones word harder. In a capitalist system, the winner is the team who sells the most units. You sell the most units by making the best product (at least that’s how it works theoretically).

In theory, therefore, we can expect the competition to drive innovation and continued progress, meaning that we get better phones at better prices. Just look into getting an iPhone 4s from buymobilephones and you’ll see what we mean. These tech wars might be little more than playground posturing and crude machismo, with each side trying to out-manoeuvre the other, but it all works out well for us. Just look at how the rate of technological advancement has increased in recent years, it’s definite proof that competition drives the market. This is great news if it’s time for you to upgrade your existing phone handset.

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