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Why The Blackberry Bold 9900 Is The Best Phone For People Who Love To Chat

With so many popular phones on the market now offering you new and exciting ways to keep in touch, and thousands of apps promising to make you more productive and give you fun new ways to spend your time, the smartphone industry is no longer just about calling and texting. Of course, that doesn’t mean that that isn’t what many consumers do with their phones most, and if you are looking for a phone that has plenty of benefits but is also just incredibly good at the basic things you do most – calling, messaging and emailing – then the Blackberry Bold 9900 is a fantastic model to buy.

Image source: Amazon.com
Image source: Amazon.com

Great Call Quality

This quality phone is brilliant at the key things that make a phone a phone. The call quality is absolutely excellent, and the interface to manage your contacts and make calls is great. Navigating this is easier than ever on a keyboard Blackberry with the introduction of a new touchscreen. Using the simple touchscreen to get around the phone’s menu feels much quicker and easier than using the buttons, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it after just a few days use.

The Best Set Up for Texting

Texting is of course, another one of those basic staying-in-touch features you absolutely want your phone to do well. The Blackberry Bold 9900 not only has a great text thread interface, but the keyboard makes writing your texts really simple and comfortable. The larger keys and sleek button design feels fantastic to write even long form messages on, and works brilliantly even if you don’t have tiny, nimble little fingers! Firing off texts is so simple on the Blackberry Bold 9900 that even the most hardened text addict will find themselves doing it more and more.

Instant Messaging and Social Media

As well as SMS texting over your phone network, you can also use the BBM instant messaging system to chat to friends, either one to one or in groups. This is just as easy and comfortable as SMS texting thanks to the Bold 9900’s excellent keyboard and the powerful interface, giving you more and more choices about how to stay in touch. The keyboard also makes it really easy to tweet and update and comment on Facebook, and you’ll find these services easier and quicker to access than on older Blackberrys thanks to the touchscreen.

Email Better than Ever

One of the things Blackberry built their empire on was their great email access, which made getting your email on the go really easy and practical long before this was a common feature on just about every phone on the market. As you would expect, this is even easier on the latest Blackberry, and again you’ll love typing your emails on the new keyboard and accessing them with the Bold 9900’s great touchscreen. With all the basics as good as this, the Bold 9900 really is the perfect phone for people who love to communicate.

Blogger Laura Ginn loves checking out the best in gadgets and mobile technology, and is always keen to get her hands on great new smartphones like the fantastic Blackberry Bold 9900, so she can test, compare and evaluate them to help consumers find the most practical and fun devices for them!

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