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WiFi Smart Remote Gadget

Future gadget – smart TV remote control,

With extensive industry experience in broadband, mobile phone software and solutions, high volume consumer electronics products, digital interactive TV and universal remote TV controls, tvCompass, Inc. (TVC) is poised to further accelerate the consumer adoption of wireless interactive entertainment in the home. tvCompass’s business model is to deliver wireless interactive entertainment services and content to intelligent WiFi TV remote control devices and mobile phones.

tvCompass has developed a two-way interactive WiFi based smart TV remote control, based on its proprietary patented technology. As a full-featured universal, programmable remote control, a mobile phone style color LCD display offers simple set-up and navigation of home entertainment devices.

Connection to tvCompass gadget always-on network via WiFi connectivity provides instant updates to our EPG and device codes and set up information. Additional entertainment comes from tvCompass online EPG, access to popular mobile phone type applications and navigation, real-time syndicated news feeds, over-the-air device software updates plus data synchronization and messaging capabilities.

The wifi and screen combination also allows content to be delivered directly to the remote itself including news, sports scores, stock info, programming guides and of course advertisements. It even has a built in speaker like the Wiimote which can be used to grab your attention or probably just annoy the heck out of you.

The tvCompass universal programmable smart TV remote utilizes the always-on WiFi network to deliver always up to date electronic TV program guide (EPG) listings and new equipment device codes.

Using a mobile phone style color LCD display and approach to user navigation, the tvCompass smart remote makes set-up and control of entertainment equipment very simple.

The price for this cool gadget is $113.57 and you can find the remote at Amazon.com.

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