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WIKI USB Digital Microscope

Always wanted a microscope to connect on USB? Try WIKI USB Digital Microscope.

WIKI USB Digital Microscope

This USB Digital Microscope has a magnification of up to 200 times (screen size dependent). The image view is 245mm on a 17′ screen which gives magnifications of 35x and 136x.

WIKI USB Digital Microscope features:

  • Resolution: 1.3M pixels CMOS sensor
  • Magnification: The image view is 245mm on a 17′ screen which gives magnifications of 35x and 136x
  • Built-in 4 white LED lights (switchable)
  • Micro touch snapshot
  • Frame rate: up to 30 fps
  • Interface: high speed USB 2.0 image transmission (pc)
  • No need for external power supply
  • Software included
  • Support operation system: Windows Vista, XP Professional x64 Edition, XP, or Windows Server 2003

Wiki USB Digital Microscope cost €43.55 and it is available at PrezziesPlus.co.uk.

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  1. Cool… But I don’t think this is a real microscope, per se. Because as far as I know, microscopes don’t really need electricity or power to run. 😀

  2. This Wiki Microscope is wicked! 🙂 Hope to hear product testimonials in the future.

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    Wow having very nice features.I have seen a Digital Blue QX5 one at work, but I want one for home (Xmas). The QX5 is only for PC. Is there an equally good, but cheap, digital USB Microscope for Mac users like me?

  4. That is a real cool gadget. Great gift idea for the guy who have every other gadget.

  5. Hmmm, this looks quite cool. More of a gimicky gadget that anything else but I guess if you are a board at work, this could provide some amusement!

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