Win cool gadgets for Christmas

You have only 2 days to win the cool gadgets we offer as prizes for this Christmas.

All you have to do is respect the simple rules of the contest and you can win a digital keychain or an exclusive USB Stick.

To win a digital keychain follow the rules posted at Win a digital keychain.

To get an exclusive USB Stick follow the rules posted at Win an exclusive USB Stick.


There are only 2 days left until the contest are over so Hurry!

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  1. I hope we will see more contests soon.

  2. I like the wooden design.. where can i get it?
    bytheway what type of wood is that.

  3. Hope all will get their prizes ..Its really cool…I would like to congratulate those who won the price….

  4. Sim Only Contract Deals

    Digital keyrings are rubbish. Good idea but the quality is no way near any good. I like the USB stick. Never seen one with wooden shell. Very different.

  5. We had a set of these wooden USB sticks engraved with one of our brand logos for a promo gift. Pretty cool. You can order them with custom printing, engraving, or burning (you know…burned wood patterns). A very cool bit of schwag for the next conference you attend.

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