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Wireless Guitar for Wii

Are you looking to make it big with the new Guitar Hero 5? Do you want re-make 60’s history with the latest Beatles Rock Band?

Here is the new Wii Wireless Rock Guitar:

Wii Rock Guitar

Wii Rock Guitar

The guitar can be used without the need for those distracting cables, allowing you to rock out as hard as you like without the fear of getting tangled up, sending you into an impromptu stage dive! 🙂

The inclusion of a full range whammy bar and full ‘on guitar’ control buttons allow you to add to your arsenal of guitar tricks, giving you to complete dominance over your game and more importantly your friends.


  • Full wireless technology for cable free gaming
  • Includes whammy bar & Analog stick
  • Custom body shape
  • No additional batteries required
  • Compatible with all Guitar Hero and Rock Band titles

Have fun!!

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  1. Another great product from Wii, If you want to be a rock star but don’t know how to play guitar then it would be a nice platform to rock it out.

  2. I love Guitars… hey !! How many price of this rock guitars i need hero5…

  3. I think theyve come out with so many different guitar hero/rock band games theyve flooded their market and when they come out with a new one nobody really cares anymore.

  4. You can’t beat the guitar hero type games, whoever thought of the idea in the first place is a genius! So simple, yet soooo fun and addictive.

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